Dining at the White House with John Moeller

DWH With John Moeller

Election season is in full swing. The Bookworm invites you to take a break from the insanity and join us for
a meal prepared by John Moeller, a man who has plenty of first hand, bipartisan experience with the White
House. In September of 1992, John Moeller accepted a position as a one of the Chefs of the White House. Starting for President Bush, Moeller continued his career with 8 years with President Clinton and 5 years with President Bush until December 2005. He was responsible for all of the private meals for the First Family and the Official Functions that occurred in the White House and Camp David. He will be presenting from his time at the White House and able to sign books afterwards.


Thursday October 13, 2016 6 PM

The Bookworm of Edwards
295 Main St
Edwards, CO 81632




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